Information for
Schools & Guidance Counselors

The security industry is growing all the time, and we're seeing more and more demand for trained security guards. It's a great job for students at any stage of their education, whether preparing to enter the workforce, working while in school, or returning to school for a career change.

Provide an overview of the Field

Our state-specific Security Guard Essentials Course is the perfect introduction to the field, at a low and manageable price. Students who complete it will have a comprehensive understanding of

  • Laws and regulations for your specific state
  • The Job of a Security Officer
  • Standards of professionalism
  • Field notes & report writing
  • Active observation techniques
  • Conflict de-escalation
  • Acting lawfully & ethically
  • Responding to safety hazards and emergencies

Help Students Stand Out From The Crowd

Although most unarmed security jobs do not require any previous work experience, background training always helps an applicant stand out. The Top Gun Security Guard Essentials course will give students a certificate that will help their application get noticed.

We've worked with dozens of technical schools, trade schools, and high school career programs to help introduce students to the field. Give us a call so we can explain more and discuss:

  • bulk student registration
  • volume discounts, and
  •  multi-course training packages.

Hear From Our Successful Graduates

The best thing that ever happened to me was Top Gun. You'll actually learn a lot!... You'll definitely get your money's worth.
— Alphonzo
This company was hands down the best training program I've encountered. They were all extremely helpful and professional...I can't give this program enough positive feedback. I'm truly grateful for the knowledge gained and the experience had.
— Denise
Great company to work with. Their security training school helped so much. Very knowledgeable, would recommend to anyone!!
— Elizabeth
This is the best security company I have ever worked with. Their online security training course is the best I have seen. It is truly a one stop shop for all your security needs.
— Daniel