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New threats, new criminal tactics and technologies, changes in our society .... The security industry is always evolving to meet these fresh challenges. At Top Gun Security Academy, we are serious about arming our students and clients with current information about our field. Check back frequently for new posts!

How to Get your Guard Card in Massachusetts

If you're considering a career as a security guard, obtaining a guard card is a crucial step.

What Does an Unarmed Security Guard do?

Despite not bearing arms, unarmed guards are crucial in preventing crime, offering customer service, and managing emergencies.

How to Get Your Guard Card in West Virginia

Securing a guard card in West Virginia is a pivotal step for anyone looking to enter the security profession. This process, governed by specific regulations and requirements, serves as a gateway to numerous opportunities in the field of security.

Can Security Guards Use Handcuffs?

Top Gun Security Academy’s goal is to shed light on this nuanced subject, providing clarity for those in the security profession.

How to Get Your Guard Card in Idaho

Top Gun Security is here to walk you through the step-by-step process of obtaining your guard card in Idaho, including the state's specific statutes, limitations, and requirements.

Best Security Guard Practices for Emergencies

Top Gun Security Academy trains you to be the best crisis-management specialist you can be so that you can respond above and beyond in any situation. Here are a few of the best security practices for guards during an emergency:

Security Guard Card Requirements in Mississippi

Mississippi doesn't regulate the licensing of private security guards. Rather, Mississippi's security guards are required to hold state certification credentials.

The Job of a Security Officer

Security officers play an integral role in maintaining peace and ensuring the protection of lives and properties.

How to Get Your Security Guard Card in Ohio

Getting your security guard card in Ohio involves a thorough process to ensure that only the most qualified and dedicated individuals enter the field.

Security Guard Card Requirements in Maryland

Becoming a security guard in Maryland is not like most of the other states. In fact, there is no such thing as a state security guard license in Maryland.