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New threats, new criminal tactics and technologies, changes in our society .... The security industry is always evolving to meet these fresh challenges. At Top Gun Security Academy, we are serious about arming our students and clients with current information about our field. Check back frequently for new posts!

Ethics for Security Guards

Top Gun Academy has put together a list of the top ethics for security guards so that you can hone your skills and better serve others.

Security Guard Card Requirements in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is always looking out for trained security professionals to keep their businesses, patrons, and assets safe.

What Is Online Security Guard Training

Top Gun Academy’s online security guard training allows anyone to get their official guard card and start their security career ASAP. Learn more.

Security Guard Card Requirements in Nevada

In order to become an unarmed security guard in Nevada, a person must first get a registration card from Nevada's private investigator licensing board.

Security Guard Card Requirements in Michigan

Being the 10th most populous state in the Union with the 11th most extensive total area, Michigan presents several opportunities for those interested in becoming professional security guards.

What Salary Does a Security Guard Make?

The latest data out of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is good news for those interested in pursuing a career as a private security officer, with salaries continuing to climb.

Security Officer Heroes: Keith Rosedom’s Quick Action Saves a Life

As Police Budgets Shrink, Private Security Opportunities Grow

What Education/Training Do You Need to be a Security Officer?

Choosing a career can feel overwhelming, especially when you are a young adult with your whole life ahead of you and seemingly limitless career choices to consider.

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