Security guard card in United States

Security Guard Card Requirements in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a hub for a panoply of industries including coal, steel, and even chocolate, not to mention the blossoming finance and banking companies in the state. As such, Pennsylvania is always looking out for trained security professionals to keep their businesses, patrons, and assets safe. However, getting a security guard card in Pennsylvania might seem difficult at first due to all of the rules and regulations. For example, to get a PA guard card, you’ll need to petition the Pennsylvania County Court for your security license. The outcome of the decision will ultimately be based on the judgment of the judge presiding over your PA security guard card petition. 

Security Guard Card Requirements in Pennsylvania

There are some basic requirements to become a security guard in Pennsylvania which include: 

  • applicants must be over 18 years of age
  • applicants must be United States citizens
  • no previous record of drug or alcohol abuse 
  • no felonies
  • two forms of photo identification such as a driver’s license and a passport 
  • letters verifying good moral character from witnesses 
  • submission of fingerprints to the County Clerk’s office with a money order to the PA State Police 
  • submission to a criminal background check with certified proof

Armed Security Guard Card Requirements in Pennsylvania 

The judge who’s presiding will determine what type of training is needed for your guard card application. Although it’s up to the judge to decide who gets approved for a Pennsylvania armed security guard license, any training or experience that you submit proof of will help improve your chances of getting your petition accepted. Fees vary depending on the screening. Once you’ve completed the application process and have undergone the appropriate training, you’re ready to begin your career in security in Pennsylvania. 

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