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Ethics for Security Guards

Ethics are defined as a set of moral principles, especially ones that are related to a form of conduct. When you decide to be a professional security guard, you're deciding to take on a lot of personal responsibility on behalf of the people and property you’re tasked with protecting. Top Gun Academy has put together a list of the top ethics for security guards so that you can hone your skills and better serve others. 

1)  Physical Fitness

Nothing looks worse than a security guard who can’t manage to jog a few paces without getting winded. Since security is largely a deterrence factor for crime, the fitter you are, the more of a deterrence you will be. Plus, you’ll be able to move rapidly to areas where problems are present and handle them effectively. 

2) Alertness/ Vigilance

A guard asleep at their post is a guard incapable of doing anything. The same goes for guards who are overly absorbed in their phones, by computers, magazines, etc. Since guards are largely a human alarm system, not paying attention during work can put people and property at grave risk. 

3) Good Communication Skills

From incident reports to patrol logs, talking to agitated people to dealing with police, good communication skills are a must. Verbal judo is never to be underestimated as a top-tier tool for professional security guards. 

4) Honesty

Finding a wallet on the ground means that you log when and where it was found and then try to find the owner. Even though it might seem obvious, taking advantage of found cash, jewelry, or other belongings is not only the behavior of a bad security officer but also a criminal. 

5) Teamwork

Security officers frequently work as a team, meaning that you need to be able to get along with your fellow officers. Being professional and courteous with your teammates builds confidence and camaraderie, and you’ll all handle crisis situations better as a result. 

6) Commitment to Training

No matter what you’re armed with, be it just your hands or a high-end firearm, being trained is critical to performing security tasks. Top Gun Academy takes pride in training the next generation of security guards around America by providing the skills needed to be safe and keep others safe as well. 

7) Keeping an Appropriate Profile

A professional knows when to stand out and when to stand back. If you want to walk around flashing your badge everywhere, then security work is probably not the ideal career for you. There are times when to be seen, and times when to keep a low profile. A professional security guard will always know when to do either. 

8) Punctuality

Showing up to your post on-time and with the correct gear is critical to making sure that criminals can’t take advantage of a lapse in security or oversight. If you’re looking to start a career in security, making sure that you’re early rather than even simply on-time is a good habit to embrace. 

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