Security guard card in United States

What Is Online Security Guard Training

Top Gun Academy’s online security guard training allows anyone to get their official guard card and start their security career ASAP. Top Gun Security Academy is a licensed security guard training academy online that proudly serves Americans across the country looking for the best security guard training programs both on and off the Internet. The goal of Top Gun is to be your “top” choice for getting your state’s guard card online by delivering quality training and exceptional customer service. 

Is Online Security Guard Training Difficult? 

Our online-friendly security course is easy to take around your own schedule, allowing you to take control of your security guard education and go at the pace you need. Top Gun’s digital security guard training is simple to understand, pay for, and download. 

Which Devices Are Compatible With Online Security Guard Training? 

Get started on the process right away the same day you purchase your learning material. Online security guard courses can be viewed on your smartphone, Android device, Apple device, or any computer. It’s that easy. 

Is Online Security Training as Good as In-Person Training? 

Top Gun’s online security guard courses are filled with the same quality information that our in-person classes offer. Learn in real-time with physical examples of handcuffing, constraints, protocols, self-defense, patrolling, ethics, and more. The best part about learning about security work online is that you can review the material multiple times over and refresh yourself as needed to keep your skills well-honed to perform at your peak. 

Which Industries Hire Online-Trained Security Guards? 

Online security guard training will equip you with the skills needed to perform guarding and protective work for industries and organizations such as: 

  • General medical and surgical clinics
  • Elementary and secondary education centers 
  • Hotels and resorts 
  • Local government facilities and offices
  • Business centers
  • Event centers
  • Spectating and sports arenas
  • Banking establishments 
  • Electrical operations
  • Railway companies
  • Theaters and performance centers
  • Apartment complexes
  • Elderly care facilities 
  • Gated communities

Get the Best Online Security Guard Training With Top Gun Academy!

All of our instructors have over 20 years of security experience ranging from law enforcement, military service, private investigation, and security management operations. When you choose Top Gun’s online security academy, you choose to train with the best our industry has to offer. Ready to join the ranks of the elite guards in your state? Reach out to us today via phone call or email to learn more about getting your state security license online and start your program!