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Nebraska Security Guard Essentials Course

The Nebraska Security Guard Essentials course will prepare you to work as an unarmed security guard in the state of Nebraska. Great for those just starting out in the security profession or as a yearly refresher course for unarmed guards, this 6-hour interactive course teaches the critical fundamentals for security guard professionals including Nebraska State Laws, Rules, and Regulations. 

Price: $29.99
Length: 6 Hours

General Course

Unconscious Bias Training for Security Professionals

Price: $39.95

General Course

Ethics For Security Professionals

Course Length – 2 hours
Price: $39.95

General Course

Top Gun Security Academy Course Sample

Minimum Requirements for Unarmed Security Guards in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska does not license or regulate unarmed or armed security guards. While the state does not stipulate the minimum qualifications of an unarmed security guard, most security companies follow these industry hiring guidelines:

  • Must be at least 18 years old with provisions that the candidate must be able to perform the duties required of the position

  • Must be a citizen or national of the United States, a lawful permanent resident, or an alien authorized to work

  • Must possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Also, the applicant should demonstrate an ability to read, write, and speak English and the language(s) most appropriate to his or her assigned duties.

  • Successfully pass a background check

  • Must not have been convicted of or pled guilty or nolo contendere to a felony or job related crime for a minimum seven-year period immediately preceding the candidate’s date of hire. Any felony conviction discovered in the course of conducting the search should also be considered relevant to the candidate’s qualifications for the position.

  • Submission of a fingerprint card or electronic fingerprint

  • Pass a drug screening test

Example Job Descriptions

The state of Nebraska has published a job description for security guards hired by the state: Private employers may have different expectations and requirements.

Description: Under general supervision, controls and enforces building, facility, and parking rules and regulations to ensure safety and security. Guards property against theft, fire, vandalism, and illegal entry; performs related work as assigned. 

Examples of Work:

  • Patrols interior of buildings and exterior grounds on foot and by vehicle; checks building systems such as plumbing, electrical, or safety/security operations

  • Operates audio/visual monitoring devices, as needed

  • Monitors the computer security system and checks/tests the operational status of message and alarm devices

  • Controls daytime and after hours building access by employees and visitors; checks their credentials as required; locks and unlocks access points at various locations; escorts individuals as needed

  • Responds to fire, safety, and intrusion alarms and to intercom service calls and other communication messages; provides first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

  • Maintains a summary record of all shift activities, complaints, and reports items needing corrective measures and property found; confers with the supervisor and others about these activities and items

  • Patrols parking facilities and inspects permits and controls movement of vehicles within the facilities

  • Maintains daytime service and security work locations to assist visitors and employees

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

  • Communicate in person, and by telephone, computer, email, and correspondence with state employees, government officials, visitors, and the public to exchange information

  • Follow instructions

  • Apply work guidelines without the immediate presence of the supervisor

  • Remain calm during emergency or adverse situations

  • Handle difficult or irate individuals and maintain harmonious relationships

  • Read and understand labels, signs, guidelines, and instructions

  • Explain technical rules and standards to coworkers and others

  • Examine the components or elements of equipment, instruments, data, or situations; pay attention to remember and record details of incidents, people, places, and things

  • Summarize facts and/or figures into reports

  • Select and recommend a course of action from alternatives

  • Apply first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedures

  • Learn State and employing agency safety/security policies, procedures, and guidelines

  • Learn electronic monitoring devices and their operations used by the employing agency

  • Apply first aid procedures

  • Operate equipment and vehicles used to perform assigned duties 

The state of Nebraska has a separate job description for security communications specialists hired by the state: 

Description: Under general supervision, monitors and operates the equipment and alarm systems in a central security communications center; dispatches security guard staff; contacts emergency staff as the situation demands; performs related work as assigned.

Examples of Work:

  • Monitors and operates the security equipment in a central security communications center, reporting conditions that are outside of normal limits to proper authorities

  • Coordinates emergency responses for fire alarms, bomb threats, and similar situations by contacting emergency staff, evacuating buildings as necessary, and/or announcing severe weather warnings on a public address system

  • Dispatches security guard staff in response to alarms and requests for assistance and coordinates responses with the appropriate emergency/security agencies, following established policies and procedures

  • Codes and issues building access cards

  • Runs daily and special reports, such as card access, alarm transactions, or cardholder listing reports, for requesting agencies

Full Performance, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required: (These may be acquired on the job and are needed to perform the work assigned.) 

  • Knowledge of: agency and state policies, procedures, and guidelines; agency and state security equipment and alarm systems

  • Ability to: handle more than one situation at a time; operate agency and state security equipment and alarm systems

Entry Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required: (Applicants will be screened for possession of these through written, oral, performance, and/or other evaluations.) 

  • Knowledge of: basic electronics and communications principles and equipment

  • Ability to: communicate orally and in writing; make decisions in emergency situations; operate basic personal computers

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